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WhatsOnMap is a cross platform application. We introduce WhatsOnMap website as well as mobile application in android and ios. We used the below technologies to build this application.
  • Yii
  • Angular js
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap
About Us
We manufacture “WhatsOnMap” application to our valuable client “KRIVI ASSOCIATES LLC - USA”. WhatsOnMap is a search tool which has its unique features to help all types of users from your handy devices.
By using this application user can easily find their current location without any manual activities. It is an effective tool to find users nearby locations (ATM, RESTAURANTS, BANK and etc) based on their need.
“WhatsOnMap” includes the following features:
  • “WhatsOnMap” application automatically gets the user current location.
  • User can find their nearby locations by clicking category. This application contains 93 categories.
  • User gets their nearby locations iteratively.
  • User can view details of the searched location.
  • User can able to get their direction with instruction to their destination.
  • WhatsOnMap provide share option. User can share location to their friends and family by using facebook, gmail, twitter and google plus. (Mobile user can share location with all installed social networks in their mobile device and etc).
  • WhatsOnMap application consists of google plus login, facebook login as well as manual login.
  • Logged in users can customize their categories.
  • Logged in users can able to save their searched location for future purpose. They can also remove their saved locations.
  • The key factor of this application is user can create meeting anywhere without spending more time.
  • Once the user created meeting, the WhatsOnMap take some responsibilities to your meeting by sending E-mail to the members. (Mobile users can receive notification).
  • Admin (who create meeting) – can able to perform the following tasks: i) add member till meeting time start, ii). Cancel meeting, iii). Close meeting and iv). Start meeting.
  • Members (added by admin) – can able to perform i). Accept meeting, ii). Decline meeting and iii). Start now.


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