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TekAptitude provide solutuon for corporates to identify technically tallented resources for their chellancing need and for candidates it provides free technical aptitude test for all your computer skills...
  • Java
  • .net
  • Android
  • Javascript and etc..
About Us
TekAptitude provides simple and easy solution for Tech Companies to recruit right candidates for their technical positions. Also for candidates it provides technical aptitude tests to evaluate your computer skills.
  • TekAptitude helps corporate companies to easily identify most suitable candidates for their challenging technical needs.
  • It provides strong technical aptitude tests which covers candidate’s capability in areas like core concepts, programming skills, understanding the language syntax, logical thinking, performance and optimization techniques and memory management in tight time constraint tests. Employers can customize the aptitude test based on their needs and share an one time test URL for candidates. The results can be viewed in their dashboard ranked by their performance. Also it provides a platform for candidates to evaluate their technical skills.
  • To get detailed workflow and a free demo please contact us via info@TekAptitude.com.
  • TekAptitude.com team is self motivated and always looking for unique and cool features that helps the client to use our product in .
  • We are proud to announce that TekAptitude.com has been launched and it is all set to revolutionize the recruiting process. It provides simple and easy way a recruiter can setup a quick technical aptitude test right from their desk or even from their mobile phone. Candidates will take it as an anonymous test in a time constrained manner which will be directly related to the job they are applying for. The test results are sent to the recruiter via email and also gets stored in the system. Recruiters will have a list of candidates whom they have sent the test and how many of them completed with score and test taken time..
  • On the other hand TekAptitude.com also provides free technical aptitude test for everyone to evaluate their technical skills free of cost. Students and Young professionals can use this feature to evaluate themselves and get ready for their future interviews..
  • Please select a technology to begin the test. Detailed instructions will be provided once the technology is selected java,.net,Android and Javascript.
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